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Visual activity

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From this picture  students must reach a conclusion on the consumerism and the obsolescence of the following questions:

1-Who is the man behind? Is he angry? And the man who looks at the cell? Knowing as it is planned obsolescence what do you intend to do?

2- Where do you think is going the rubbish which had been pulled the phone?

3- Why the environment has been damaged for creating new mobile phone?

4- If you had a phone that is broken. What would you do first? Go to a store and try to fix it or throw it away, and buy a new one.

(After that, ask all students if they had known about this data of fixing products. New devises and products which are electronic really need use of energy. The main energy is used is not renewable.  Pooling this in common to the whole class and open discussion about whether it is good or bad).

Discussion - Reflection on planned obsolescence

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After carrying out the above activities, it will meet in large group in order to reflect on the theme "planned obsolescence: implications", to see if the students have understood the great extent of this term in today's society, and the negative consequences that generates. In the same way, it will be analyzed the ins and outs of planned obsolescence.

Take into account all scientific values and attitudes that are going to work:

Ø   Objective view.

Ø  Logical thinking, which requires reasoning about the causes of the phenomena that are affordable and verifiable.

Ø  Capacity of prediction.

Ø  Critical thinking, by comparing the theoretical constructs with the observed facts.

Ø  Curiosity.

Thus, we will take into account the following features that define the scientific attitude:

Ø  To study the problems from all the possible points of view.

Ø  Check the veracity and reliability of the sources consulted.

Ø  To develop a critical spirit demanding tests before saying anything.

Ø  Predispose an open mind to change your mind, if other tests are more conclusive than ours.

Ø  Respect the opinion of each other.

1st Activity

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Students after know what is planned obsolescence, and which are consequences that generates the abusive technological use, must be translated into a comic with these contents, in such a way that in his creations reflects the life of a technological product that they use on a daily basis. The comic is conducted with help of digital media such as the implementation comic sans, which will have installed on their computers.


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The obsolescence has as main objective: economic profits by companies that manufacture the products we consume, passing a background the care and respect of all the elements that form the environment; air, water, plants, the human being, every product we use, but that with the passage of time, many times in a short space of time, we use it because it is obsolete, it stops working… offers a way to pollute our environment.

After viewing the video " To Buy, To Throw Away, To Buy” (Screen and headlines youtube) in order to aware of how the concept of planned obsolescence affects us in a very significant way to our day-to-day and especially to our environment; therefore it is essential that this content is in the stage of primary education, with the aim of training our body with environmental values, and to know the impact of the consumerism in the conservation of the environment.

The basic skills that students will reach with the activities carried out on planned obsolescence are the following:

1. Linguistic communication.

2. About knowledge and interaction with the physical world.

3. Competence concerning information and communication technologies.

4. Social and civil competences.

5. Cultural and artistic competences.

6. The competence of learning to learn.

7. Personal autonomy and initiative.

It is mandatory to emphasize all those the activities whose are mentioned below in order to delve in an active and dynamic way so that generates in our students their curiosity, for opening their mind and understanding what is happening. Why several products will be broken after a short time.

The materials and sources that we will use for the development of the activities will be:

- Individual computers.

- Digital whiteboard.

- Access to internet.

- Cardboards.

- Markers, colored pencils, crayons etc.

Planned Obsolescence

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Hi guys, 

In this blog, we are going to lead the Phenomenon of Planned Obsolescence in order to know what is it, its causes and consequences.

This term is not very common right now, even adults don't know what is it so It could be a great asset for us to be informed as a future generation.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards.

Pilar Arancón